Msi 790FX-GD70 Stopped working

I just got it yesterday, I was playing a game, then the screen went black. I turned it off and on and there was still no image on the screen. The CPU fan runs slower than usual, and the little screen thing on the motherboard won't turn on. I've pressed clear cmos button, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Please help before I throw this peice of *** out the window.

PS I've taken everything out of the PC and the motherboard still does it.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Serious bummer man. Your not specific about it POSTing or anything like that. Does it boot the OS or not?
    I would look into the power supply as a first check. If you have a spare around, swap it out. This is a nice board, got one myself and although parts on mobos can go bad, I have never seen this happen in my 15 years or so of building PC's, but I have changed out many power supplies that went bad. One even exhibited your slow fan symptom, and it was because of a bad power supply fan. Also, sometimes the power supply fan doesn't work if it goes out completely, and may or may not do this on a partial failure.
    If worst gets to worst you still have the warranty. This is a great board and really not the piece of #### you claim it to be. Be patient and hopefully it is just your luck and not the mobo.
  3. It was a bad power supply not the fan. sorry for the typo
  4. By the way check the wattage on the existing power supply. If you have to go get one make sure it's rated accordingly
  5. If the power supply smells burned that a sure sign of failure. Gaming with extensive video demands consumes a lot of power from the supply
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