Looking for a 4-pin-female to 3-pin-male converter for my MSI 4850 fan

Currently I have a MSI R4850 2D512SP OC which has the same small-4-pin fan cable as this one

and since the fan isn't controllable, so I'm looking for a converter with small-4-pin-female to 3-pin-male
similar to this

but I need a 3-pin-male instead of 4-pin-male, I need to plug it on my MB's 3-pin-chassis
so I can control the fan speed by using Asus's software.

either a converter or a fan controller would works perfectly for me
I've look eBay and it's selling only 3pins converter/controller.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. yeah, well, sorry to disapoint you, but, no 3 pin fan can be controlled by software. only by direct voltage modulation. thats what the first 2 pins are for. the 3rd is for showing the RPM that the fan is spinning. 4 pin fans can be controlled through software if the motherboard has a 4pin connector and the software to support it.
  2. Thank you.

    Actually, it does works even with 3-pin, but only at fixed fan speed.
    I got a friend tested it on Asus P5Q Pro.
    I'm not sure if it will works on me as well, but worth a try at least, the 100% fan speed is just way too noisy...
  3. i know how that is. my exaust fan is loud enough to hear with the door closed at times
  4. so...any news for my 4-pin-female to 3-pin-male converter?

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