Question regarding Evga Classified x58 3Way Sli

Hello there,

So i am planning to buy the evga classified x58 3Way Sli motherboard , and my intentions are to put it into this case .

Evga claims that their motherboard is an EATX mobo, so i wonder if its actually possible to put it into that case . Well, the case is full tower but Thermatake says that it supports Micro ATX and Standard ATX.

Do you think i am goin to have trouble there, installing classified into that case? Do i have to do some sort of modding ?

Thanks in advance for your responses :)
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  1. ^ Yes you would need some modding to fit that mobo...
    It wouldn't have the screw holes to match that of the eATX boards...
    Some of the cases that support eATX out of the box...
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