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I have been experiencing very odd behavior with my board's BIOS update process. I own an ASUS Rampage Formula (X48) which came with 0408 (or 0410, I don't remember for sure) factory installed BIOS. It worked fine, no problems at all, however, since the latest at this time is 0902, which is quite a big difference, I decided to flash to 0902. So I burned a CD with the official 0902 BIOS .rom and used the ASUS EZ Flash 2 program to do the update. Update went fine, no errors. However, on reboot I got the error:

BIOS update recommended.
To unleash this CPU´s full power, please perform Bios update process

The error appears every time the system boots. This is by itself very strange since the error is displayed when the BIOS does not support the CPU installed. In my case, I have an E8600 installed which IS supported by much earlier BIOS versions. I can load the OS without any problems and the system is fully functional - no rare crashes, hangs etc.

I decided to reflash 0902 again. After I did that, I got an additional error:

BIOS update recommended.
To unleash this CPU´s full power, please perform Bios update process
CPU Over Temperature Error!

That "over temperature error" is completely false - the CPU was NOT overheating AT ALL. OK, so it's already weird how the same BIOS version flashed twice produces different error messages each time.

I then decided to flash the previos BIOS version (0803). It works fine, no error messages at all. After reporting success with 0803, ASUS support did additional 0902 tests on their own hardware and they did not experience any problems.

To be 300% sure, I thought I was going to flash 0902 once again. Following the same procedure as before, I got another problem this time - during the update process EZ Flash froze while "Checking file". Again, odd - you don't see a BIOS update program hanging during the file checking process every day. Nothing helped, so I had to manually restart the system and do the process again. This time the update went fine and guess what - no errors upon boot at all!

Before you ask - I am not a noob, I know my way around hardware and have been building and maintaining my own systems for quite some time (besides, I am a programmer), so I know how to put a CPU into its socket and attach the fan correctly or how to clear CMOS data. However, I really have no idea why flashing the same BIOS version multiple times gives different results.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? What could be the cause of the problem? Defective hardware? I'm not sure about that - the system works fine in the OS environment. I'll probably run a memtest, but I somehow think my RAM will pass it without any problems.

Any comments / suggestions are welcome.

ASUS Rampage Formula (X48)
C2D E8600 SLB9L (E0)
A-DATA 2x1GB DDR2 1066+ (1066MHz, works in 800MHz mode by default)
X-Fi Sound Blaster Titanium Fatal1ty Pro (PCI-E)
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  1. There may have been a silent update of the bios software.
  2. What do you mean by silent update? Some OS program running in the background? There is no such software on my PC.
  3. They may have changed the bios file without mentioning anything about it.
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