Computer 'Juttering/Slows down' when connected wirelessly online

I recently moved and had to use Qwest to get an internet connection, before this I had absolutely no problem like Im having now and it ONLY occurs when Im connected online (Via windows network connection)
Approximately every minute or so ( I timed it on a stop watch) the system will what I can only describe as 'jutter' or dramatically slow down for about 2 or 3 seconds, I noticed this first when listening to music but it doesn't matter what else is open or running. Iit still happens & only happens when Im connected to the net.

If I disable the connection the problem goes away. Its driving me NUTS, I have no other issues aside from this and the only new thing done/added since I moved was changing how I connect to the wireless router in my home.

Im currently on Windows XP Home Service pack 3.
My wireless network adaptor is Linksys W300N
My (new) Router is Qwest M1000 with Wirless adapter W1000

Any thoughts on how to fix this annoyance is appreciated!
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  1. Try connecting the computer to the router with an ethernet cable instead of wireless.

    If the issue remains:
    1) it isn't a wireless issue.

    2) I think I would run some anti-spyware programs (if you don't already have one, try Super AntiSpyware and or Malwarebytes).

    3) Consider if any legitimate programs (Windows update, say) are "dialling home" for some reason.
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    If you email your account/contact number we can have a local DSl specialist contact and help with the problem.


    Corey Tidwell
    Talk To Qwest Team
  3. Hi Corey,

    Thanks very much for the reply, it has stopped doing this effect for a few days now and I dont know why but if it returns to bother me I will contact qwest as you suggest so thanks for the reply!
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