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I have an old Mad Dog slot cooler from my old Prescott system, and I thought it might come in handy sticking it next to my graphics card in a system I just built. If you look at these specs, you'll see it runs a bit noisy, and I was thinking of slowing it down to somewhere between 50-66%, using something like the cables supplied with a Noctua NH-D14. I know airflow will go down quite a bit, but it's just some auxiliary airflow for the graphics card, which is a basic MSI R4350.

Does anyone know what size resistors would do this for ~50% and/or ~66%? I would imagine a series connection vs parallel is needed. How bout using a trimmer pot? What spec for the pot would I need? Series? Parallel? Does it matter?

Thanks for any info on this.
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    It's a great idea to add supplementary cooling to any Graphics card. Radio shack may have a trim pot suitable for 0.5 amp devices.

    Another option is to look into some cooling products that come with speed control, like this one:

    Just use the speed control for your application and save the fan for some other application - of course, you will need to salvage a connector for the fan.
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  3. Thank you excitron!
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