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Okay right now, i have 1x 60gb Agility 2. and i also have 2x500GB in RAID 0 on the same controller. i was just wondering. is it running in IDE or AHCI right now. And do i get TRIM on both AHCI and IDE. thanks.
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  1. You would have to tell us what controller you are using. The only controller that allows TRIM in RAID mode is Intel; though the SSD can't be in RAID configuration itself. Other chipsets like AMD won't allow you TRIM at all if you are running in RAID mode; you would have to run in AHCI mode and run the Microsoft AHCI drivers to regain TRIM.
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    If you have a newer motherboard (no mention), and it's set up in RAID, the single drive will default to ACHI.

    As long as the SSD is not part of a RAID array, like the 2x500GB are, TRIM is supported.

    I THINK TRIM will work in IDE mode, but don't try it. TRIM is part of Windows 7, not the drive controllers.

    However, get the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technolgy drive v9.6 here. It's a self intall program, updates the chipset drivers, and has a little program to check RAID setup, etc. But, this is only for X58 chipsets! There is a list at the bottom of the link for different chipsets, all Intel.
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