Intel i7 920 vs i7 950

I'm building a new system, and I've narrowed down my processor to either the i7 920, or the i7 950.

From what I've read, the i7 920 is very overclockable. I've heard a lot of people say that the 920 can easily be overclocked to be faster than the 950. But I'm a little unclear on what this means. Does this mean that a well-overclocked 920 is faster than a not-at-all-overclocked 950, or that a well-overclocked 920 is faster than a well-overclocked 950?

What I'd really like to know is which is the better buy, including the price of cooling equipment, assuming I'm going to do a moderate amount of overclocking?

For reference: the i7 950 is about $295, and the i7 920 is about $240 (used+new) on Amazon.
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  1. The i5 quads have similar performance for less money. For a hundrd less you can grab an i5 750 and save money or use the saving for a nice SSD.
  2. Both the 920 and 950 are great overclockers, so it just depends on how much money you have to spend. An overclocked 950 will obviously give you better performance than an overclocked 920 if you overclock them by the same amount. Personally, I would go with the 920. Intel's new processors are coming out in January and there's little need to be building a system right now.
  3. ide say the 950, if you want to get a higher overclock get that.. ive got 1 now running on a friends build, stable @ ~4ghz on a h70
  4. Well ofc, the i7 950 is better, the i7 920 were amongst the first i7 s, i did go with the 950..
  5. having bought the 950, id say the 920 all the way. I have been having a terrible time getting mine stable at even 4.0 and the 920's seem to get there without any trouble at all. Maybe I just got a bunk overclocker but I am bias now. the 950 has not lived up to the hype....

    i7950 @ 4.025 [but i cant keep it stable when i try to get my perfectly healthy 1600MHZ RAM anywhere close to its rated speeds...]
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