Overclocking ma785gm-us2h, Will it cause problems with my Sata harddri

Hi, I have a ma785gm-us2h motherboard with a amd 1055t cpu clocked at 3.5ghz, I see no option for PCI Lock in the bios, does this mean that overclocking the cpu will increase the sata Hard Drive speed? Or does the motherboard have pci locked by default?
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  1. PCI has nothing to do with your hard drive speed. And even if it did, your HDD is still limited by the platter's rotation speed, so any increase in SATA speed would have no effect on actual transfer rates.
  2. So does anyone know if this Motherboard has PCI and SATA lock enabled by default since it isn't in the bios?
  3. It will most likely have PCI and SATA lock. If you can set the PCI bus frequency in the BIOS, then it means that the PCI frequency is not linked to the CPU frequency.
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    It wont harm your drives but you might have some data corruption issues some time down the road. It's also not the healthiest thing to do to your discrete graphics card if you have one. You should be able to set it in bios, it will say something like "PCIE Clock (Mhz) [auto]" Set that puppy to 100 and your good.
  5. Thanks for the help, and yeah I have the PCIE locked at 100 from auto.

    The reason I was asking was because my 6+ year ata old hard drive that came with my Emachines was giving me problems, I was using it for around a month with the system overclocked with no problem on Windos Vista, got Windows 7, Installed 7 and it lasted around 3 weeks before I had to reinstall Windows 7 so I reinstalled it and after one day I got windows telling me to backup my files because the harddrive is about to die, second day couldn't even boot into windows. Now I'm using a newer sata one and it seems to be working fine so far
  6. Seems like that drive was just failing, giving you a huge headache. The pcie bus is tied to the sata ports, so if you set it to 100, you should be ok.
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