ALL installedmemory modules should be same speed ?

i have Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L ,with 4 x 1.8V DDR2 DIMM (1066/800/667 MHz) sockets supporting up to 4 GB of system memory.
Currently i have Pc2-5300 (333MHZ) of 2 GB Ram .
can i insert one more DDR2 GB higher then 333MHZ ,
i heared that u have to match the speed of both All DIMM memory moudules ,
any suggessins ,

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  1. brainhax - it's not clear from your post if you now have 2 modules of RAM or 1.
    In addition, your motherboard comes in a Rev1 and Rev2 - I don't know if that matters for this question.
    Here is the link to Gigabyte's page on your board:

    You mention PC2-5300 as 333MHz RAM. This is 667MHz RAM - might appear in some locations as 333 but it is doubled in use.

    If you currently have a single module of 2GB RAM, then you can add another of the same type or higher speed - but it will work as the same 667 speed you have now.

    If you have one module, you are not now running in dual channel memory mode. Adding another module that doesn't match it exactly is likely to still not enable dual channel mode. You will need to try the new module in different slots to determine how it works best - your manual describes the use and placement choices.

    If you don't know exactly what RAM you have now, do this. Examine the memory, looking at any labels. Search the manufacturer's website and get the specs - CL data like 4-4-4-12. When shopping, try to match those specs.

    It's hard to recommend anything without knowing if you now have 1 or 2 modules.

    But the basic answer is no, the speed does not have to match - but there are advantages if it does.

    Use a program like CPU-z to examine the SPD (specs chip) on your current RAM. You can find it here among other places
  2. thanks a lot for ur reply ,
    I have only one module of 2 GB installed currently ,
    and yes i used CPU-Z before posting this topic and it says that i have PC2-5300 (333MHz) installed ,

    i will check the installed module manually , and as u said that if i add one more 1066 MHZ module , it will work but at a lower speed and dual channel memory mode wont be enabled ,

    conclusion :so , me gota sell the old one and buy two new , with the same speed ..
  3. The image you posted was of the thumbnail - can't be read.

    Again, if you can match the specs of your current module exactly - might be able to enable dual channel. But be sure to be able to return the module if it doesn't work to your satisfaction.

    But any faster RAM will run at the 667MHz speed as long as the current module is installed.

    If you get two new modules, compare the choices of 1066 and 800 RAM. Most here would choose a 800 @ CL=5 over a 1066 @ CL=6.

    Lower CL is always best. Voltage required is a factor - your board expects 1.8V and may have some adjustments possible from that - chk your BIOS. But avoid RAM requiring 2.1V or 2.2V - in my opinion.

    This would be very fast, good quality RAM
  4. i checked it again with some other software.
    " class="img lazy">
    seems like that 333MHZ is the Bus clock speed ,

    and i installed the existing module on bank 3 , does it matters ,
    thanks for the suggestions , i will look in to them .
  5. Use slots 1 & 3 or 2 & 4 to get dual channel. Pg 16 of your manual. For a single module, I don't think it matters.

    Be sure to go to the motherboard's main page, url is above, and download EVERYTHING there - regardless of whether you think you need it. Get all the BIOS updates, CPU lists, Manual - I even save the complete pages of each screen. Never can tell if that info will be there when you need it - or if your internet may not be working.
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