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My roommate has a 500GB Western Digital drive (WD5000AAKS) that he had been using since June. This week his computer had been having trouble installing Windows updates, and today it happened that his his computer refused to install any software, the video driver began to crash, then Windows BSoD'd. Through successive restarts, the computer became less and less able to do anything. Eventually, the computer would hang at the POST screen and not proceed any further. After removing the hard drive, the computer acts fine. So we threw the drive into my computer (as the third drive) and my computer also refused to boot past POST.

I have never seen a hard drive fail non-mechanically like this and cause a computer not to post. Does anyone have an idea of what happened or how we can recover the drive?

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  1. I don't suppose that either of you guys has a Dos boot disk that you can boot from and take a look see at the hdd,Hmmm, no??, well then, go to the Western Digital site and download the diag utilities and install them on a boot device, a floppy disk is still your best bet or create a Dos bootable cd or a dvd whatever, this will tell you if the hdd is still good or not..
    I have had the same event happen here many times, but in my case it is because I use drive caddys and sometimes the hdd does not seat firmly in the caddy's connection, you did check the cable connection....
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    dokk2, if he cannot pass the POST, he is not going to be able to boot with anything with the hard drive installed.

    By "prevents POST", do you mean silence or a failed beep pattern? If you mean silence, it means that the POST isn't even starting to run which means that the system is not even booting.

    The POST routines do not check the hard drives. So if the hard drive is causing the
    POST to fail, the problem is almost certainly a shorted drive or a motherboard problem.

    The fact that the drive does not work in another computer verifies that the drive is bad. I suspect that it has an internal short. That will make recovering any data almost impossible.
  3. Hi, this is my hard drive (Kretien is my roommate). I don't get a failed beep pattern, but sometimes silence, and it always hangs at the MoBo splash screen. I can't even access the bios if the hard drive is plugged in.

    Thanks for the feedback jsc. Right now I'm starting the RMA process... hopefully I won't be without a drive for too long.
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