Best Heatsink&Fan?

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  1. A better question would be: How much are you willing to spend on cooling? I would recommend the Prolimatech Megahalems or Megashadow, or the Corsair H50 or H70 even, if you're interested in some watercooling action. The best coolers don't come cheap though, so what's your budget?
  2. Out of those I would say the Frio is the best. Here's review for some of the better heatsinks.
  3. I am going to order 2 Rosewill Blue Led Fans 2000RPM so i was thinking of getting the ZEROtherm ZT-10D,it has 8pipes instead of 6...

    @gracefully I am trying to keep it under $70 and i've been looking everywhere for 2 days and it seems the ZEROtherm ZT-10D is the best so far,any other heatsinks that perform better are huge and they will not fit,i currently own a no-name brand H50 but it doesn't perform well so i've opted to go with a heatsink instead.
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