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Hi All

I have a slight dilemma in that my current motherboard, Epox EP-9NPA+, has failed. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to replace it so that I do not have to go down the route of having to buy new memory, processor, sound / video card etc.

Can anyone assist in either a replacement or a good alternative?

Many thanks in advance

.B. I am based in the UK
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  1. I don't think anyone carries 939's commercially anymore; if that's the route you want to take, your probably going to have to take your chances on ebay. If you don't mind upgrading, you could probably get away with just buying a new mobo, cpu, and ram (ddr doesn't work on ddr2 boards).

    This mobo/cpu combo is $120 (athlon II X2 240-2.8GHz + GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H)

    This ram is $36 (2 GB-minimum)

    This ram is $65 (4 GB-Optimal)
  2. and 3b tech both carry a few socket 939 boards. These boards aren't fancy, but will save you over paying someone top dollar on ebay for a high end board. Not many left, and most are used or refurbished.
  3. Hi Pepperman / o1die

    Many thanks for your advice. I didn't think it would be easy - I will see if Ascendtech or 3b can assist. Otherwise it is time to pawn a kidney and upgrade....

    Thanks again....
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