BIOSTAR G31 M7 TE Problem

My biostar G31 M7 TE motherboard
Turns off 2seconds after i press the cpu power button,then turns on automatically after some seconds and then shows:-
"overclock failed
press f2 to load defaults and continue
press del to enter setup"
this happens only when only when graphics card is plugged in
My card is nvidia 9600GT
The bios is AMI(American Megatrends)
I havent overcloked anything
please help
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  1. Hi, i just built a new pc. I have the same graphics card and mobo as u, but when i turn the pc on there is no life in it at all, aparts from the fans and led lights, i no this doesnt help u but , it would b gr8 if u could help me atleast get something out of my pc sinse i have tried everything i can think of.

    Thanx m8
  2. hwsit guys, i have the same mb as ul do,wel from wat i knw,if u had a processor of lower speed in ur pc before and if u overclocked it and changed the cpu it wont start up, on the other hand, in running a gforce 8600gt wid a 2.2dual core ov to 2.5 and i have no problems, so i suggest u to check the cpu fan,if its to tight it wont come on,check all hardware,if the problem stills persists den reset the cmos, u may have tried all of dis already,but do it again, or u can strip ul whole pc apart ,remove the cmos battery and leave the mb for abt 1hr den re essemble the pc dat should work,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Hi Guys,

    I have another issue with this motherboard. My pc works only with 2gb memory. When i add an additional 2gb memory there is no display but i can hear my cpu windows sound loading. Quite strange. Have you had this tricky issue?
  4. Fireblade002 your issue seems to be an overheating issue. Have you check your power supply fan if it works correctly?
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