Overclocking Cpu and ram w.r.t temp?

i have an asus motherboard m4a88td-v Evo usb3,AMD Phenom 2 x6 1090T and OCZ3g1333LV2g(2*2) ddr3 1333MHz and Cooler Master HAF 932 chassis and Nvidia gtX 470

what i done is i start the Asus OC Tuner Utility from bios which automatically overclocks evrything

now what happens is that my processor has a clock of 3712 MHz instead of 3.2GHZ
and Ram is running at 932Mhz at 6-6-6-18 Latency instead of 1333Mhz at 9-9-9-20
rest voltages and everything is set auto..
but this thing has increased my overall performance and their benchmark scores of cpu and ram
but temperature has also rosen up

earlier cpu use to run at 30'C idle and 40'C at gaming
now it runs at 35-36'C idle and 44-45'C at gaming w/ stock cooler and CM HAF 932

is this temperature ok for this cpu

and what about ram speed and latency are they better now or not or should i run it as before

so plz tell me if i make changes as before or run it as it is ..
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  1. Your temperatures are low so no worries there. The ram is actually about the same. One setting is higher frequency with higher timings and the other is lower and lower. That will give you roughly the same performance. I personally would set it manually with the correct voltage value and close to factory speed, and then tweak the timing down a little.

    Also I recommend running cpuz to verify your not overvolting the chip. Keep it under 1.45 if you can.

    On a side note you will be able to overclock higher and better if you do some reading and learn how to overclock manually. I've never liked the auto overclocking features, they tend to set too high of a voltage value for what is actually needed. Also can be way more unstable and prone to crashes.
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