Single GPU, SLI, tri-SLI and quad SLI

what are the advantages and disadvantages of single GPU, SLI, tri-SLI & quad-SLI? could you justify the reasons why we shouldn't get more than one video card. i am planning for an i-7 build using an asrock x58 super computer mobo and 4 GTX 295 OC'ed GPUS. thanks in advance.
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  1. You can only use 2 GTX295s. And nobody said that "we shouldn't get more than one video card" And its because most games cannot make full use of 3 or 4 cards. 2 will be fine. There will be improvements in going to 3-4 GPUs, bu it will be very marginal and not worth the money. And in very few games.
  2. What monitor resolution will you be using? 5120x3200?

    Be kinda ridiculous to use $2000 worth of video cards for your 17" 1024x768 monitor.
  3. Your previous post in this section of the forums: ECS GTS 250
  4. I think this was one of yours too: Cheap yet powerful
  5. I as gonna say, "Damn WR2, give him a break." But after reading some of his other posts, I completely understand the aggressive responses.

    Seems this guy wants the THG forum users to do every bit of work for him possible...
  6. I probably did short change him a bit (a very small bit). I saw that he's actually using a 1280x1024 monitor with a 3870X2.
  7. LOL? hahahaha
  8. what really got me cracking was 4 GTX 295 OC'ed GPUS for 1280 x 1024. As if 4 GTX 295s weren't enough, OC'ed GPUs. lol!!!!!
  9. It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, apparently.
  10. Who knows? Maybe he's gonna rock the No. 1 spot on the Futuremark Billboard. Has anyone even benchmarked 4 (FOUR!) GTX 295s?! And what would be the techinical name for that configuration? Is it a Quad Double GPU SLI or A Quad SLI Octuple GPU array?
  11. Need to interconnect two mobos, first... LOL
  12. Can you link 4 295s with an SLI connector? If so, what will be recognized? Nvidia GeForce GTX295 8-SLI? Has this ever been tried? Even 3 x2 cards?
  13. He found a motherboard with 4 PCI-e slots - and naturally he thought had to fill each one.

    Or maybe he wants to build an octo-GPU desktop super computer?
    Ummmmmm..... somehow I just get the feeling he's up to that type of technical programming challenge.
  14. No, I think he just wants to get a 'very fast computer.' Anyway, @ OP, if you really have enough money for 4 GTX295s, get {2} 285s and top-of-the-line SSDs. Or 4890 3CF, a cheaper SSD and a 30" monitor.
  15. hehehehe. sorry for the trouble guys.... my mistake. i thought that quad sli is the same as quad crossfire x... :sarcastic:
  16. It is, but you have to understand that the 4850X2, 4870X2, and GTX295 already have two GPUs inside them, and that both SLI and CrossFire can only support a total of four GPUs. That means only two of the two-GPU cards can be used together.
  17. i suppose you could run 4 F@H, one for each gpu (or would it be 8 because of the dual gpus???), could really climb the ranks fast
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