Looking for Help on I7 build .. will be first time building

here is what I want to accomplish ... I multibox and am adding more accounts to LOTRO

I would like to build one of the following ...

Either one super gaming rig that will handle 5 instances of LOTRO to run 5 hunters to autofollow my MAIN char and computer
and use Keyclone


build 5 cheaper PCs and use a multicaster for keyboard / mouse

NOTE: I have never built a PC before and have very limited knowledge of the finer details of PCs but willing to learn ... I want to try building and am going to build something :)

I would prefer to use NEWEGG.


1.) is there a machine even capable of being built that can handle that many instances of LOTRO (its pretty intense GPU wise )

2.) if there is such a machine can a more knowledgeable memebr build this system for me on newegg maybe 3 GPU's 12/24 megs ram?

3.) what would a more economical route be to using an I7 chip in order to build 5 identical boxes saving money where i can

with nvidia 260 ... the MB really would not even need ot be SLI capable since I would only need one GPU like
the 260 and an I7 chip and 6 megs of ram to run at full settings
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  1. How much are you willing to spend on this? I think it can be done, but its gonna be pricey.
  2. well i am assuming 5 boxes will be a minimum of around 5 grand ...
    so 3-5 grand i guess if needed ... I dont want overkill fluff only thing on these systems or system whichever way ill go is OS and LOTRO and anything needed to get them up and running
  3. Ok well I don't really know much about keyclone or that stuff, but if the drivers and programming for that stuff works correctly, then this PC should be able to do it:

    ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution mobo or EVGA Classified
    i7 965
    12gb DDR3-1600 Corsair Dominator
    3xGTX 285's in SLI
    COOLER MASTER Stacker 830 Evolution
    PC Power & Cooling 1200w PSU
    2xOCZ Vertex SSD's in raid 0 for system and programs
    WD Caviar Black 1TB HDD
    Vista 64bit
    2x LG DVD Combo drives
    4 120mm Scythe slipstream fans for side panel

    Then you probably want two 19x12 res displays for all your accounts in windowed mode for playing, SLI cannot support more than 2 displays so that is what you are stuck with, otherwise you have to go with separate computers.
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