Memory Help- Intel i7 920, Asus p6t, OCZ Gold 6 gigs

Hi Everyone, I just completed a new build and my PC is not recognizing all the memory I have installed. I have an Asus p6t with OCZ Gold 3g1600LV6GK at 2 gigs a stick. It seems to be only picking up 4 gigs. This is my first build in years and BIOS seems much more advanced then the last build i had 5 years ago. My Bios is only detecting 4087 MB upon start up as is my Vista 64 OS. Do I have to switch my timings, and if so there seems to be more spaces in the bios for customizing timings. I have the DIMM slots populated according to the p6t manual, as in the colored orange slots as all 3 DImms should be populated because it is triple channel DD3. Thanks.
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  1. First try resetting BIOS to Optimal Defaults or its equivalent.

    Then try putting in the black slots.

    Then try each combination of 2 sticks in the A1 and B1 slots. Might find one of them is bad.

    Then try clearing CMOS on the motherboard, setting Opt defaults, etc...

    LOL yes, lots of fun choices there in BIOS. But shouldn't be anything that needs to be set to use all 3 sticks.

    All computers need to be set to Optimal on first boot to clear any test settings.

    Are the showing as 1600s? If not, need to compare default, and match BIOS to mem specs.

    Asus manuals are always amusing about RAM voltage, point out nothing should use over 1.65, then all their approved RAM uses more.
  2. Thanks Mong, I got it sorted out. Ram needed to be cleared.
  3. RAM needed to be cleaned?

    ROM (CMOS) needed to be cleared?

    I'm at a loss here! But I'm guessing resetting the CMOS or Opt defaults worked!
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