OCZ Agility 2 and AHCI

I read somewhere that this SSD with its Sand Force Drivers) will work at its best if Intel AHCI drivers are installed at installation. Did I remember this correctly? I,m at the point of ordering this ssd at a good price.
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  1. OCZ Agility 2 is a good SSD; good value at the moment. BUT i wouldn't buy an SSD right now; the new third generation is coming in a few months and besides introducing faster SSDs (like Sandforce SF-2000 / Intel G3 / Micron C400) that likely means the current second generation SSDs drop in price considerably.

    So if you can wait you really should! Buy an SSD in February 2011 instead; either a normal one at reduced cost or a new one with all bells and whistles. The cost is primary factor here!

    Regarding AHCI: you first need your controller to switch to AHCI mode; otherwise you're in IDE legacy mode and this will hurt the SSD performance by a good margin. So make sure AHCI is enabled in your BIOS instead. Then you can consider whether to use the default Microsoft AHCI driver or the Intel ones; both support TRIM.
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    Get the Intel IRST drivers they are far superior to the Microsoft one. My score went from 7.3 to 7.7 on WEI.

    You need the F6 method drivers and you need to install them when you install windows.
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