Annoying High Pitched Whine...HELP

I built a system a few weeks ago and everything is working except for a 1 thing. Anytime I plug in my headset to the front panel audio jack there is a high pitched whine in the headphones. Im using Windows 7 and turning the volume off in windows doesn't get rid of it. But when i plug the headphones into the rear audio jack there is no such whine.

Ive tried many things to no avail. I dont think it a hardware problem seeing as how the whine only starts when windows is loaded and if the computer starts to do something, i.e. open firefox, the whine will stop for a couple seconds and then start back up again. Ive tried updating the driver.... I dont know what else to do...

Its really annoying and driving me nuts. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Something isnt shielded properly, and the impedence is interferring with your headset. Hard to fix, but check all connects to the front, you may have to try to shield it yourself, if it isnt just a bad connection
  2. What exactly do you mean that I would have to shield it myself?
  3. First, finding the component, or connect where the leakage is, and going from there, putting a barrier to deaden the leakage , or protect the other components from picking it up
  4. Sometimes, simply nail polish works, but it depends on where and what youre applying it to too
  5. Oh i see....But i first need to find the leakage which i have no idea on how i would do that...
  6. OK, try all your connections first. Since its a speaker/mike, itll pick up better than most other components. This may or may not work, but move your wire from your headset around, with the side off, do not touch anything, but listen if the sound changes as you pass it over certain areas, itll help you find the area, and maybe problem
  7. ok usually this works sometimes it doesnt. Take a 14" wire preferably 16 guage. find a scew hole closest to front I/O panel. Remove that screw. Next, locate your I/O panel. Sometimes it not visible until you remove the face plate of the PC. Find a screw hole on the I/O PCB closest to the hole you removed the last screw from. Remove this screw. Now take you wire trim it to the lenth of your closest avaliable routing from screw hole to screw hole. This method is used to ground the Front I/OP panel to the Motherboard. This fix has worked for me on several different occasions. The most of the time this isnt the problem it is merely a bad connection or bad wiring in the male end of the head phone jack.....

    here is an easy remedy all together go bluetooth w/ a pair of BT headphones frekin cool man.
  8. Front panels are always "left out" it seems
  9. truth be told they all ways should have the shield/ground wire hole to hole. Wait this is starting to sound alittle dirty....I'll stop now. But, really it has made many of devices perform much better on the front I/O port.
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