Will this card replace my 9500 gs?

Hello, i have a 9500 gs from a HP computer that only plays wow but lately I've been having problem with my game freezing since new patches been out for wow. People are telling me its my graphic card and the drivers.

Well I'm thinking of getting the evga 512mb 240 to replace it.
I have windows vista 32 and my cpu is a dual core 2.6 ghz pentium (r)
The psu is 300 watts but I've been told it will run fine with that.
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  1. More info, i.e. what model is the HP computer, or the mobo type etc etc...
  2. Its a Hp pavilion
    the mobo product name is benicia (can't find much info after that)
    windows vista 32bit
    Pentium(r) dual core 2.6ghz
    3gb ddr2 memory
    300 psu
  3. Is it this one?

    As far as I know I think it should work. And it should work with your PSU too. It's maximum power consumption is only 69W which only requires 300W system power; shouldn't a problem for current desktop PC. [source]

    I wonder why you are having problem...
  4. You mean a gt 240 ?
    What is the exact brand/model of your psu ?
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