What would you consider the best card for gaming at 1440x900?

Preferably Nvidia. GTS 250 or GTS 450?
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  1. I would say push a little further and get a GTX 460. It's a bit more money, but a year down the line you'll be glad that you did. Especially if you end up getting a bigger monitor or want to cover yourself for furture game releases.
  2. gts 250, gts 450 will do fine on your res, if you want better, then gtx 460 as suggested to you.. But that will depend upon your specs, psu/cpu/ post your specs..
  3. gtx460 wil be best bang for the bug
  4. ^^^ my thoughts.
  5. GTS 450. The GTS 250 is actually a little faster but I'm sure with driver optimizations more will be squeezed out of the 450 till it's the other way around. Not only that but with the 450 you get DX11. I think a GTX 460 is a bit overkill for 1440x900 but if you want to enjoy the higher settings in more demanding games then the 460 is worth the extra money.
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