Need help in upgrade from ASUS mobo

I have an ASUS-mx se plus board, 4g ddr2 ram, 2 hd, ati 4870,680w apeva PSU. AMD 64 X 2 5200+ cpu
I want to be able to migrate this over to another board that hopefully has a 1 button overclocking optimization feature or has a tool to help me over clock easily. I hear Foxcon has this feature.
I don't want to buy another MOBO that nothing is compatible...I don't trust this asus MOBO as it looks seems to look for reason to give me problems.
Let me know what other details you need..
also preferable not a 300 $$ mobo

It does not have to be an ASUS...just let me migrate my stuff over to a better MOBO
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  2. illegalmonkey ----------

    Thanks, I am checking those cards out now. Very much appreciated. :wahoo:
  3. ok I have come to 2 mobo and would appreciate input------ASUS M4A78 PRO vs ASUS M2N-MX SE PLUS

    As Iuse the se plus the PRO will take what my PLUS uses and allow to updates...dual graphic options with onboard 4850...gah I just bought a 4870..
    But still am not sure if this board will improve reason in changing is that the PLUS board likes everything generic and looks for a reason to crash..simply changing the memory caused immense problems.

    Any MOBO experts out there or someone who can interpret if this PRO would be a btter choice? :hello:
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