Upgrading CPU's on mainstream laptops?

I'm in the market for a new laptop, i only have about $300~$500 to blow. so that puts me in the market for a system with like a T4200CPU.

I am thinking of buying some name branded laptop lenovo or hp and then upgrading the cpu in about 2 years.

Has anyone found out if this can be done on any of the current main stream brands? Is the CPU removable? Running into difficulties with BIOS support for new cpu? Chipsets not supporting new cpus? Heatsink super-glued to the chipset lol?

I need answers for these kinda things. I've seen people do it on older laptops, but I'm not sure if those days are over.

I'm talking something current like... hp dv4t series

thx in advance.
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  1. First of all yes its possible to remove the CPU and add a new CPU by yourself but it will void your warranty,also u have to check that whether the new CPU is compatible with the notebooks chipset or not
  2. It is possible, just hard to do.
  3. Most processors are laser soldered in and there is no mounting device like on a standard pc motherboard. This is done like this to keep the production costs down, the profile low and to cause you to buy a new laptop when you want a faster processor. I believe that only a handful of laptops on the market actually allow changing of the processor. Personally I would contact the manufacture and pose the question to them if you want to change the processor down the road.
  4. Some are.
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