DDR2/3 Gigabyte Mobo problem

A while ago i got that one gigabyte mobo that had 4 dd2 slots and 2 ddr3 slots. I bought it to plan for the future when ddr3 wasnt 300$ for 4 gigs, well i just upgrades from 3 gigs of ddr2 on that mobo to 4 gigs of ddr3 , 2x2g 1333 ddr3 sticks. So i boot up and all and find out for some reason cpuz says i only have one in and its single channel , so its like the second one isnt even there. Any ideas? Do i have to enable it on the bios?
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  1. got a 64bit os? if so have you tried swapping the sticks? as in, leave just one in and see if it works. rinse repeat to see if one is bad or not, try both slots too.
  2. I am using Vista 64 bit , why would that matter? and im powering it off to do what you mentionedAlso Cpuz seems to be reading the ram freq at 666mz dunno why
  3. Well if would matter if you had a 32bit os, as you probably know those don't read ram over 2gb too well. I wouldn't worry about the speed it's registering so much as making sure both stickls actually work and both ddr3 slots actually work.
  4. First off what motherboard model is it.

    Second, try using just one piece of memory then swap to the other memory see if it sees both sticks using 1 at a time.

    You might have gotten a bad stick.

    As far as the memory speed thats probably a bios setting.
  5. Well after tinkering around with it last night i got it to work i think one of them was just loose. But the speed problem is still bothering me. The Bios says its 1333 but cpuz says its 666 , could that be vista throttling it down untill its needed?
  6. DDR 1333 is the effective DDR speed, the actual clock speed would be 667
    667MHz at double data rate = DDR 1333
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