Is this stock Vcore too high(fixed)

Hey guys i have a AMD 1055t and have been just monitering it recently and have noticed that the stock core voltage is at 1.4 most of the time . Whenever i try to overclock it i have to bump it up to 1.5 just to get around 3.4 Ghz. So my question is that are theses voltages normal for this processor?When I say stock is high I'm talking about the voltage that's the default for the CPU
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  1. 1055T 1.5 for 3.4 too high,very very high !
    go default setting/ bios/ from default increase FSB to 50 =250 increase Vcore:0.025 VDIM:0.015
    let's other seting voltage in auto !
    u can get 3.5Ghz.. test with stability (prime,IBT/OCCT) try..!
  2. The stock VCore is absurdly high on these chips (at least my Gigabyte board detected it as such), and when the Turbo Core kicks in it is ridiculous. As an example to compare your P-States to, I undervolted my CPU (at stock frequencies) using K10Stat to:

    Turbo: 3.3GHz @ 1.35V
    P0: 2.8GHz @ 1.25V
    P1: 2.2GHz @ 1.05V
    P2: 1.5GHz @ 0.9V
    P3: 800MHz @ 0.75V

    Note, many of those dropped by as much as .15-.2V from stock! I think it cut nearly 30-40W off of load power and 10W or so off of idle power. So stock volts should give plenty of OC headroom.
  3. SO what do u guys suggest i should do to fix this. i have put everything down to stock sttings and its still at 1.4V
  4. What are you using to set your OC? Do you turn off Turbo Core (the T in 1055T) before you OC? It shouldn't need that high of volts for 3.4GHz.
  5. EXT64 said:
    What are you using to set your OC? Do you turn off Turbo Core (the T in 1055T) before you OC? It shouldn't need that high of volts for 3.4GHz.

    mannually doin it in the bios
  6. u must Oc agian your 1055T start beginning ! OC step by step
    for real X6 4 ghz vcore 1.52
  7. Sorry, what I meant was, you say "i have to bump it up to 1.5" to get 3.4 GHz, what I meant to ask was why you say you have to. Will it not boot if set to 1.4V or lower?

    Also, what is your Motherboard, a new AM3?
  8. my mobo is a asus crosshair 4
  9. wow good mobo why too high Vcore..? i have low Oc mobo .. u can see my OC in above
  10. reset everything in my bios . Is still pulling a 1.4 Voltage ....

    i am really confungled with wat is goin on
  11. what should my HT link be cause mine is 2006.7
  12. 1.4 in CPU-Z it mean in bios PowerNow still Enabled no problem! important use Hw monitor/ core temp keep your temperatur CPU under 60C
    range for default when Power/vandep tecnology enabled 1.18~1.44 (in bios voltage CPU still Auto) it's Normal & Save !
  13. ok disabled turbo core (forgot what its called) and now my cpu voltage is at 1.380 at stock speeds.
  14. my OC 3.4 just increase FSB to 40, just increase voltage CPU Voltage :0.025 & other voltage still auto ! test stability stable
  15. Uploaded with" class="img lazy">

    okay this is it after i reset the bios again and memory. if u guys want i could probs tell u all my settings if needed. Uploaded with" class="img lazy">
  16. 1. Use Good HSF Cooler not Stock cooler ! for stock cooler max OC just 3.4Ghz with disabled smart fan in bios very very noise !
    2. find Switch Clear CMOS
    2. Download Software Hwmonitor for control temperature !
    3. Download Software test Stability (prime95/OCCT/Intelburntest)
    4. Disabled AMD turbocore, disabled spread spectrum,Disabled Coolnquite/C1E
    5. increase CPU bus Freq (FSB) from 200 to 230 next step 235... 240. ...more up
    6. CPU+NB voltage to Manual , increase CPU voltage in minimal option ! & VDIM too : in minimal option 0.015 max 1.65v (0.075).

    when u get FSB 250 , see in CPU-z get 3.5Ghz clock speed ,RAM 833, HTLink 2500,
    test your OC , always watch in HW monitor temperature must below 60C when test stress full load
  17. I have a. Hyper. 212 plus and max temp I get on full load is 32-34(that was when my CPU was overcloaked) temp isn't a issue I'm only
    Worried about voltage
  18. hyper 212 good cooler !
    u can start from FSB 230 it's save.. ! Get clock 3.3ghz , vcore 1.2~1.32v & voltage save.. !
  19. A little word of caution - that temp sounds pretty low. Make sure it does not go below ambient at idle. My 1055T has one temp sensor that is miscalibrated (the core temp). So I instead must go off of the CPU Temp. Check both, and go off whichever is higher (you can use HWMonitor).
  20. guys how can u adjust the cpu- northbridge ratio out of bios cause i swear after looking for 30 min iu couldnt find it in my bios.
  21. extreme tweaker / ai overclocker tuner set Manual
  22. well thanks guys for helping out ,but i havent been able to still be able to put my voltage under 1.4V at 2.8Ghz. Ty for time i hope this cpu will be able to last a good 1-3 years then ill upgrade it anyways
  23. update bios !
  24. Bummer. Very strange too. I've gotten mine to 3.08GHz (plus turbo) on the voltages I mentioned earlier (using K10Stat). Maybe a bad chip, or maybe your board and chip just don't like each other.
  25. k thanks guys i figuered it out. =D
  26. can u tell me what u did please i have a similar problem
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