4830 crossfire, fps is better without crossfire?

So I have two 4830's in crossfire, each are overclocked to 575/685 core and 900/965 memory.

Here's my system specs.

Processor: Phenom II 720 be OC to 3.2 ghz
MotherBoard: Asrock A780GXE
PowerSupply: Coolermaster real power pro 750W
Memory: 4GB DDR2 1066 mhz
VideoCards: two 4830's in crossfire (one is sapphire, one is powercolor, does that make a difference?)

I got this FPS in crysis bench mark test. All settings on high, 1600 by 1200 resolution (max settings my monitor and PC can do because of directx9)

Min fps 19
Average fps 29
Max fps 38

and when I took the second card out I got this FPS.

Min fps 15
Average fps 31
Max fps 40

And I have the crossfire bridge connected (But it was on the second crossfire connector, the one furthest away from the back of the PC. does that matter?)
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  1. Switch the crossfire bridge and find out?

    Do you have the Cat 9.4's installed?
  2. Yes I have cat 9.4

    I was going to switch the crossfire bridge to the first connector but I am letting my brother borrow one 4830 untill he gets his new video card because his video card blew up (capacitors blew)
  3. Crysis updated to the latest version? (Uh.... 1.21 perhaps? Not sure, haven't played in a while).
  4. Yes I think it is.
  5. Crysis is a bad game to benchmark. It doesnt like crossfire, although it likse 4890 crossfire.. its a strange game..

    With my old 4870's crysis pretty much ignored the second card, its not unheard of. You may also be a bit cpu bound with that setup as crysis likes raw power being that it was coded in the future where all comptuers have 16cores at 10Ghz and brought back in time forever baffling everyone why it even had "ultra high" settings 2 years ago...
  6. Oh by the way, I get 11.5k in 3dmark06 with 1 card, and about 16k with the second card.

    But fps doesn't seem to increase games, but now that I think about it, I am pretty sure I got like 15-35+ fps in 3dmark06 when I had the second card in.
  7. Make sure you have Catalyst AI on. Crossfire gains will depend on the game and settings.
  8. Wow I never had catalyst AI on, could that be the problem?

    And should I set it to standard or advanced?

    By the way, just ran 3dmark06 and I saw significant fps loss, I used to never drop below 30 with second card while doing the first video card test, and I was in the constant 20's this time without the second card.

    3dmark06 score is 12.9k and with second card it was a little above 16k.
  9. Generally use standard for crossfire. Without it enabled the per game profiles will not be loaded and crossfire will not function properly.
  10. Thanks, when I get my video card back (I mean, if I ever get it back) then I will try it again and post back here.
  11. Bump.
  12. So that is definitely my problem? A.I disabled?

    What fps you think I will be getting now (can't use my second video card for another 5 days)
  13. There is no way of guessing what your FPS gain will be. Every computer gets different performance, even if two have identical components.

    It will also depend on what games you play. Not all games are optimized for multiple GPUs, and even if they are, they still have SLI or CrossfireX to choose from to be optimized for.

    But here's hoping it's significant for you. :)
  14. Ok I got the video card back, here's the results.

    crysis benchmark test, ALL settings high, 1600 by 1200, no AA.

    My fps with Catalyst A.I disabled.

    Min 17.62 Avg: 29.81 Max: 35.93

    My fps with catalyst A.I on standard.

    Min: 17.98 Avg: 37.88 Max: 55.72

    My Fps with catalyst A.I on advanced.

    Min: 19.59 Avg: 38.11 Max: 56.45
  15. Well, glad we solved your problem :)

  16. Yeah thanks guys.

    Does the fps look right for this setup?
  17. Yeah it looks normal. The minimum are REALLY hard to change in crysis so dont expect miracles there. Average get a nice bump, which is well in line with your system. Shoudl tear up every other game out there :)
  18. Try benchmarking CoD4 with the dual video cards option enabled.
  19. I don't have COD4
  20. whitefang said:
    I don't have COD4

    You could try the demo of X3 http://www.egosoft.com/download/x3/demos_en.php, it may not tell you much but it is quite pretty.
  21. Why not just try CoD4 Demo? CoD4 is one of the games which makes very good use of multi card setups. http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/call-of-duty-4/call-of-duty-4-demo/533701
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