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I"m the average geek who loves to post on forums and build computers *i actually just started my own company and got a LLC*

My rig is as follows
Asus p7p55d-e pro
intel core i5 760 @ 2.8ghz stock
Memory - Gskill ripjaw series ddr3 1600mhz
GPU ati radeon hd 6850 *my first pci express card of my own :D :D :D :D :D*
and i decided on the antec 900 for build quality, general good looks and High Air Flow

I bought an after market cooler the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus.
As well as some TIM arctic silver 5 thermal paste.

I was very proud of my build with future proof capabilities *i'm sure i'll be kicking my ass in January though when the new processors come out*

Well anyway back to why i'm posting
I did my first oc where i raised my BLCK form 133 to 143 which gave me an oc of .2ghz more or 3ghz 3.05 to be exact.

Well i use prime 95 b4 oc and after oc. and the difference in temperature is quite high.

B4 oc temperatures in full load maxed right around 53 c with the cooler

after oc temperatures in full load are 62 C.

I was hoping to be able to achieve a 3.4-3.6 modest overclock w/o really increasing voltage.

But when i oc to 3.4 c my Prime 95 temperatures increase to the 90c range, which as i understand is more than Tcase but less than TMax.

What temperatures are safe for an oc? i would like to stay below 75 under full stress.
Do i measure CPU temp or core temps? My cpu can be as much as 15 C more than my core temps. i use HWmonitor by CPUID or SPEEDFAN software programs to monitor temperatures.

When i play a game i notice that the temperatures are well below what prime 95 puts them through, so should i not really worry about the prime 95 temp because i doubt i will ever use 100% cpu without it?

I'm having a hard time understanding my BIOS AI TWEAKER It will let me do things like manual, auto, xmp, cpu level up.

If say i adjust xmp to my correct Ram settings, then switch the tweaker back to manual to adjust the CPU frequency will it load both xmp and manual settings? or do i have to adjust cpu within the x.m.p menu or vice versa select ram frequencies within the manual section.

If the paragraph above was hard to understand i'll try to put in simpler terms. If i save bios after modifying both XMP & Manual will it save both, or only the one that is currently selected after i leave the bios.
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  1. Memory and CPU frequencies are tied to each other at a specific ratio. The XMP mode in the ASUS mobo will automatically overclock your CPU to run your RAM at their highest rated speed. Therefore, if you try to set the frequency manually, you will override the XMP setting because by changing the CPU frequency, you will also affect the RAM frequency.

    Also, when manually putting in BCLK frequencies, the motherboard seems to automatically raise the voltages as well. It happens as well on my P7P55D EVO motherboard. I've tried lowering voltages, but then prime95 will throw up errors, so I leave it as is.

    CPU Level Up will simply mimic the frequency of a higher end processor, like the i7-860 or 870. You don't get the HT capabilities, though.
  2. I'm using antec 900 all stock fans I can tell you that the fan speed doesn'tale much of a difference my system is always 40C
    I wanted to get a second fan for my CPU cooler I wouldn't mind a mix of good airflow and a cool led light. Antec 900 is a very popular case what do you think about their stock fans. Also I cannot add an additional fan to side of case due to CPU cooler
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