Blue screen during write-zero, window cant see HDD

From the thread below, I try to check bad sector problem on my secondary hdd.

I am using Window Vista.
Half way through Zero-fill using Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic, my com suddenly got blue-screen. *from unrelated network card driver problem)

Now, when i look at my computer i cant see the 2nd HDD.
I can still interact with it through Western Digitial Data lifeguard, and computer still detect it when i look for it under device manager.

I already unplug the HDD, shutdown, boot up , shutdown, and plug HDD back on, but i still cant see it in my computer.

What should i do?
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    ^ Open up Disk Management (Run>compmgmt.msc. Then go to Disk Management). The chances are since you zero wrote it, the HDD is not formatted. Format it through Disk Manager.
  2. Thank you for ur reply.
    Turn out that I havent initilize the disk yet.
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