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I have recently had the joy of having my desktop blow up on me. The graphics had been a little sketchy for a while, but then got a whole lot worse one day and eventually made my system hang and then crash. after trying to reboot it a couple times it powers on, posts and sometimes even makes it into windows (can hear the startup music) but there is no signal to the monitor throughout. I'd say im a moderate computer guy, built the system myself and all and can usually solve most things but not having anything on the monitor made this a whole lot harder to sort out, so i pretty much put this down to the graphics card dying and so ordered another one (this is actually my first question, whether it might be a different problem? its been said maybe overheating but i have a big zalman cooler)
so now im sitting here with a new radeon 4870 512mb and all should be fine and dandy, except that upon installing it found out it needed 2 6-pin pci-e power connectors to power it. This poses a problem for me for a couple of reasons, the main being i seem to have misplaced the pci-e cable that comes with my psu, the other being it only comes with one, but i do have 2 adapters (2x4pin molex > 6 pin pci-e) that came with my graphics card.
I have searched high and low on the net for a replacement cable but to no avail, my psu is a 530W Hiper type-R. i do however have a spare molex with 3 spare plug thru adapter = 4 spare molex
So the only other option i've found is by using 1 socket from my psu and piggybacking 4 molex off of it to put through my adapters, would this be an option? as im not really up on my watts per rail etc. etc.
i really dont want to buy another psu as there is nothing wrong with this one, so any other suggestions would be appreciated. or do i have to bite the bullet..?

My specs -

MSI 975x platinum
Intel core2 Duo 6400
4GB DDR2 Ram
Hiper type-R PSU 530W
Radeon 4870 512mb
2 x Sata HD
Creative X-FI soundcard
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  1. Welcom e to the forums!

    With the video card there are 2 adaptes from 6-pin to 2 molex. Plug in the 2 molex in different sockets and the six pin for the missing 6-pin power supply adapter.
    Do that twice.
  2. Get some of these:

    Computer Molex Power Y-Splitter
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