P7p55d evo not booting i7 860

when i switch pc on fans just spins for a sec then go off. This keeps happening im using gskill ripjaw 1600mhz ca7 brand new ocz 850 psu. it keeps looping then after like 15-20 times it switches on itself. any ideas peeps id really appreciate some help.
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  1. Assuming this is a new build, you need to go through this checklist:


    as if you were checking someone else's work. Otherwise, you may not catch any mistake you might have made.

    Let us know if anything changes as you go through the list.
  2. Ive gone thru the check list in full. ive installed the mobo in a thermaltake armour case ive not put all the screws in just about 4. just to hold it down. ive reseated the cpu & memory ive tried with 1 stick and 2 in different slots. ive disconnected the q-connector so i know nothing is shorting. When i power on from mobo switch the fans start then stop repeatedly. It has started BUT never the first time. When it does boot i can get in bios no probs i can even install Vista X64 no probs. BUT when i shutdown from windows AND then try to power on again. I get the bloody problem again. It boots when it wants to. Ive tried putting both CPU connectors 1 & 2 so its 8 pin. It will sometimes boot even if i leave 4 pin cpu power. PSU is brand new shipped from OCZ im going to try a tagan u33 880watts now and see what happens. I have a feeling its the Gskill memory BUT how come it works fine when the pc does boot. I installed windows vista x64 at cas 7 7 7 24 2t & 7 7 7 24 1t. Ive just installed vista again as i write after installing Sp2 my USB devices are now problamatic!! My USB wireless N dosnt pick up any internet. System is really slow all of a sudden green loading bar is taking forever.

    going to borrow freinds memory ocz 1333mhz cas 9 lets see what happens :??:
  3. Substituting a different psu is a great step - a "broken" psu causes so many strange symptoms its almost the first thing one should do lol.

    Some other unlikely splutions:

    If you are using a UPS, plug the psu directly into the wall for the time being.

    Check for a heat issue - while I doubt this is the problem, the "slowing" of the system makes me ask this. Use CPUID Hardware Monitor for temps and let us know.

    If you have another 4pin fan, you might try that on your cooler. You say that the fan starts and stops repeatedly, dunno whether this is the cause or an effect (most likely).

    I assume you have set memory voltage and timings by hand at least once. If not, do so now. Use max memory voltage (I believe for your board its 1.65V).

    You haven't mentioned clearing CMOS and restoring default values. When you clear CMOS, use all techniques lol . . . pull plug on psu, pull battery, press the case "power on" button several times, then wait 10 minutes. Restore defaults, save, reboot, ensure memory timings and voltage are set correctly, reboot.
  4. Oh my gosh I cant believe it.....IT WAS THE PSU!! I plugged in the Tagan U33 880watts...system boots PERFECT !! YESSSSSSSSSS I jumped straight onto 4Ghz stock cooler.. :bounce:

    The evo is solid RAM is fine i just wish i tried the psu before.
  5. It's the psu about 75% of the time.

    Keep that in mind the next time you buy a psu :)
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