Overclocking DDR2 1066 ram to 1200mhz

I have been trying to run this

at 1200 mhz w/FSB 1600mhz with my Q6600runs great at 800 1:1 and at 1066mhz with stock voltage.

I can get to windows and just sign inall I can say is it seems to blow the graphics drivers. Yes the PCIE is @100mhz

I've loosened the timing to 6-7-6-16 and even tried a small voltage bump to 1.92v both seperate and combinedprovide the same
I worry that loosening the timings anymore will be a waste as the extra speed will just be making up for the looser timings

Am just barking up the wrong tree for performance ? I ran into a wall with my old ram at 800mhz and an E5300 @ 4ghz
1:1 364 FSB. I also brought the memory up to 800mhz and I actualy got worse results/performace
I dont need you to tell me how to do this just point me in the right direction or just let me know if I am beating a dead horse.

Mainboard is an p45-ud3r rated for 1366mhz ddr2. I bought this ram for 50 dollars after MIR and got a free copy of 3dmark vantage so it was a worthwile puchase instead of just running my 800mhz wintec RAM 1:1.

Now I would like to play but every step seems like the wrong one and produce the same resutlts. Also the PC restarts but when I return tot he BIOS settings I do not get an unstable overclock message or indication of any kind

at 1:1 the overclock is 100 % stable, very toasty but stable. I consider 2 Hours good enough in prime 95 ( I don't have any more time than that to game)
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    Overclocking memory on a Core2 system has little if any effect on overall system performance.
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