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Should i upgrade the cooling on a Sapphire HD 4870 2GB DDR5 Vapor-X Edition with a Thermalright HR-03 GT Graphics Card cooler or would it be a downgrade
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    I am familiar with the Thermalright HR-03 as I installed in on a 4870 512MB card a while back replacing the stock AMD cooler. I do not think that it would be a downgrade but may not perform much better than the Vapor-X cooler. DO NOT use the HR-03 passively, you MUST add a fan! The HR-03 comes with fan clips for a 92mm fan but I found myself upgrading to a 120mm fan. The other issue I found with the HR-03 was it's size, I could not install the heatsink with the fins on the gpu side as it blocked too many pci slots and was forced to install it so the heatsink was on the back of the video card and closer to the cpu. Luckily, the Northbridge cooling solution did not get in the way of the heatsink and attached fan. Truth be told, I eventually swapped out the HR-03 for a Zalman VF-1000 gpu cooler because the HR-03 was too big, had some installation issues, and did not improve temps as much as I hoped.

    The Zalman VF-1000 on the other hand, is a top notch gpu cooler and is not my aftermarker gpu cooler of choice...
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