Core 2 quad cooler on s478

I have an Core 2 quad cooler from a a q6600 that i didnt use because i used an aftermarket cooler and an old s4778 (p4 3.2ghz I think it is one of the last prescotts on s478) that the fan on the stock heatsink is noisy. I'd like to know if the cooler would sit properly and whether it will be sufficient for the prescot which is probable the hottest core intel released.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Try it and see. I suggest that you underclock the CPU (maybe start off around 2.4 GHz. or so). Then swap heatsinks. If it POST's, watch the temperatures and gradually increase the speed until it is running at 3.2 GHz.
    I tried this and it is not possible. The holes on the 478 are in a different arrangement.
  3. Yes it won't work becasuse the S478 uses a clip too, IIRC.
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