System error runtime error 8193 - can't seem to fix

Keep trying to install printer. Keep getting runtime error 8193. Spent hours on phone with Kodak - said problem is Windows 7. Can anyone help me?
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  1. If the issue is Windows 7, then remove this post and move it to the Windows 7 forums.
  2. I don't know if that's the problem or not. It is set up as XP, has a Windows 7 update (system info still says XP), so I don't really know. I was just hoping for help, not someone instantly being critical! The problem is the runtime error. I have no idea if the windows 7 update is involved or not. If I knew, I wouldn't be asking for help.
  3. Maybe this will help
  4. Thanks, but I've tried that MANY times. Even Kodak had me at that site. We also did the clean up site Kodak has. Nothing helped. He told me there was nothing more he could do to help me. I said I was taking the printer back, and he told me to return the computer instead. But, the computer is my son's for school and it is technically the school's property. I can't take it back anywhere just need to install the printer.
  5. It's pretty rude of the customer service guy to tell you to return the computer instead.

    Clearly it's an issue with Kodak's crap software and not your computer.

    Have you looked for an alternate driver? Some drivers works on a variety of machines. There's also the added bonus of not having to install all of Kodak's bloatware.

    What's the printer model? I'll try to find you a different driver.
  6. It's model 5250. I appreciate your help. I called tech support at my son's school and they said it's a kodak issue. Kodak says computer issue. I love the "it's their fault, not ours" run around.
  7. Have you tried System Restore, to return all settings to an earlier date?
    I've got the same problem with a Kodak printer on a computer running XP and I'll try this as a last resort: I don't want to, as I'll lose some recently installed programs.

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