Mid tower than can fit xigmatek dark knight

well i got my psu picked out


and now i need a midtower case that can fit a xigmatek dark knight... it needs to have ample air cooling and has to be around ~$80, max $100[including shipping]. I wouldn't mind if it's a good looker either ;) Thanks for any and all suggestions.. i tried looking through newegg cases, but i thought it would be best if i got first hand experiences of which mid tower case can fit the xiggy before i buy something and become VERY disappointed. thanks!
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  1. Antec 900 fits, great cooling, unless you cut about 3 extra holes in it, the cable management sucks. I have three of these.

    I think the Antec 300 is the same width.

    Should fit in the Coolermaster 690.

    Admirable foresight. :)
  2. ahh thanks, i messed up TOO many times to not be able to foresee the garbage i'm about to encounter... i still somehow mess up

    anyone else with experience/ compliments? =D
  3. FYI, I have a dark knight installed in a Coolermaster 534.

    Most mid-towers should be big enough. Worst case, you'll have to remove a side fan or the CPU air tunnel.
  4. yeah actually i had to remove a fan from my cooler master stacker 830 with the dark knight... and that thing was a MASSIVE full tower
  5. I have a friend who put the darknight in an antec 900, as was posted up there so it should be fine. I would also think a CM 690 could as well. The cm690 costs less, but you would want to buy a couple fans for it, so they end up being about the same.
  6. I used my Xigmatek 1283 in a Coolermaster Centurion 5. It's a small mid tower and it fit just fine.
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