CPU problems related to Bioshock?

Sorry if this post is not in the right section, since I'm asking about my CPU I tought that's where it would belong to.

Hello, my question is pretty simple. I recently bought Bioshock after buying my video card. On 1440x900 I'm suppose to get an average 50 fps with everything on max settings. But everytime I play, the game glitch. Hell, I play Crysis on high with 2x at 1440x900 and get 40 fps np. I heard it's something related to AMD Dual Cores Timing. I searched the folder on the Bioshock cd, installed it. Nothing changed. After, some people told me I should disable a core for Bioshock, using task manager, yet nothing change. To be honest, I'm pretty much desesperate, buying game you can't play makes me QQ IRL.

Any help will be appreciated.

Here's my setup if it can give you some help:
AMD 64 x2 4200 @ 2.7MHz
4x512 mb kingston
DFI Ultra D board
8800 GTS 512 mb
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  1. Yup, despite the fact that you have a G92 chip the newer G92/G92b solutions (9800GTX/GTX+/GTS250) use slightly different files so they don't really test for issues with the 8800GTS 512. Anyway get the drivers ct1615 suggests. As for the AMD dual core issue just download the cpu driver from AMDs website. It fixes some thread issues with XP.
  2. Alright, thanks for info, I was worried I had to buy another video card to be able to run Bioshock. Just unninstalled newest drivers and reinstaller the ones on the cd, let's hope it's gonna work!.
  3. So..still glitching, maybe my driver isn't working right. Guess I'll have to find the 178.24 drivers.
  4. Got them, working like a charm, still glitchy at some points, but I guess it's my setting on high (Even if I think the 8800 GTS can handle this game on high)
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