Low Voltage Ram compatible with AMD?

So I got my parts today, a phenom II X4 955 BE and an Asus M4A79XTD EVO

But I just noticed in the RAM description it says low voltage, optimized for intel.
So will I still be able to use it on my AMD mobo?

Link to RAM http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr3_pc3_10666_platinum_low_voltage_dual_channel
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  1. DDR3 normally requires 1.5V, therefore 1.65V is at the upper limit for Core i7 or i5 CPUs. Does an AMD platform require DDR3 RAM voltage exceeding the specs? I don't think so.
  2. psch 1.65v is not low voltage for DDR3 (1.5v is stock)

    this is low voltage: GeIL Green Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 is 1.3v
  3. Actually, I would like some more detailed answer to this question too.

    In short, I have almost exactly the same setup, except my mobo has the 790GX chipset. For the record, it is an M4A78T-E.

    I bought a set of OCZ Gold DDR3 ram that is distinctively labeled "Low Voltage", and is rated to run at 1.65V. Loading up the SPD tables with CPU-Z stated that its original spec is 1.5V, but as noted by the pamphlet + online information, the low voltage WAS indeed set for the i5, i7, and such processor requirements.

    Meanwhile, booting up the ASUS board with voltages set to "AUTO", the computer boots with a Vdimm of 1.8V. This is checked using ASUS's own system OC / monitoring program (and yes, when set to 1.66V in bios, the program detects 1.65V, so I assume the readings are at least accurate enough)

    Now I am wondering, is it safe for the ram to run at a voltage THAT high? I don't want to blow them right after I buy them!
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