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Here it is, I have a gx640 with the i5-450m processor. It is a bottleneck for my graphics card. I experience stuttor when playing starcraft 2, or Black Ops. My FPS were high so I was confused. Performance monitor shows both cores pegging out at 100 percent during game play. Its stock @ 2.40 ghz and I would like to try bumping it up to say 2.8 Just enough to leave some headroom to stop the stutter.

I ran prime at its stock specs and real temp showed the temp under full load at about 59 c. This was at an ambient room temp of around 78 F which is pretty much the temp my laptop will always be in give or take a few degree's.

I know the risks of Overclocking, and the importance of temps so I don't need to be reminded

My real question is since I can't over clock via my bios, which is the only way I know how to do, who can point me in the right direction for a software utility that will do what I need.

Like I said, just need a little bump to overcome this bottleneck, my only other option is a 300 dollar i7 upgrade that fits the laptops motherboard.
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  1. Not sure about on a laptop.. but you used to be able to overclock CPU from the NVIDIA control panel that came with nTune. I never really got along with it.. but if BIOS isn't an option maybe that's something to look into? I'm going back a year or two since I tried using nTune.. things might have changed by now.
  2. Ooh.. and do you have any options in the bios at all? Like any turbo or C1E settings? If so.. disable them if you're overclocking - but be warned this may increase temps.
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