Dual channel memory problem

My brand new custom built pc specs
Intel core 2 quad q8200
Gigabyte ep45 ds3p bios f8
650w psu i green power
2x2048mb 800 mhz corsair memory ( problem)
1024 mb corsair ram

When i connect the 2 dual channel memory ram chips in the motherboard the system becomes unstable and doesnt boot successfully
when i just connect the 1 gig ram on it own the system boots perfectly
what is the problem
is there some sort of settings in the bios i must change?
BTW i am only 14 years old so i will not understand everything about the bios but im okay
thanks in advance
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  1. What RAM are you using? Corsair have a lot of 1 GB modules. You can use CPU-Z to find out that info.
  2. GhislainG said:
    What RAM are you using? Corsair have a lot of 1 GB modules. You can use CPU-Z to find out that info.

    ok i will post ram info in a sec
  3. Corsair ram info is
    Part number for 1 gig
  4. According to CPU-Z, how is it configured (Memory tab)? What SPD tables are available? According to Corsair: "Tested at the low latencies of (4-4-4-12) at 2.0V". Are you running them at 667 MHz with the correct voltage and latencies?
  5. Dram frequency is 333.3mhz
    FSB 1.1
    Cas latency:5.0 clocks
    Ras ro cas latency:5 clocks
    Cycle times 15 clock
    Row refresh cycle times: 36 clocks
    Comand rate 2t
    That is the full spec it is showing
  6. voltage 1.8v
  7. new 2 gig ram info is Part number
    800mhz btw
  8. maney266 said:
    new 2 gig ram info is Part number
    800mhz btw
    What do you mean? Are you trying to use one CM2X1024-5400C4 (667 MHz, 4-4-4-12 and 2.0V) module and one CM2x2048-6400C5 (800 MHz, 5-5-5-18 and 1.9V) module at the same time? If so, then you need to configure the RAM as per the CM2X1024-5400C4 specs and hope for the best. Unfortunately you didn't provide that important info in your original post.
  9. i want to use both 2 gig ram sticks
    and the 1 gig ram stick
    if that possible
    if not both 2 gigs are fine
  10. Unless you run a 64 bit OS and you really need more than 4 GB, only use the 2 GB modules. If you need to use all three modules, then try the settings that I recommended.
  11. if i insert both of the ram sticks the pc doesnt boot
  12. even if i insert one of the two gig ram sticks the pc doesnt boot
  13. if there is no solution could you find a reasonably priced dual channel ram kit
  14. You wrote "if not both 2 gigs are fine , so I'm confused. It doesn't work with both 2 GB modules or it doesn't work when the 2 GB and the 1 GB modules are installed?
  15. Ok basically
    The pc boots perfectly with just the 1 gig ram stick in place

    The pc doesnt boot at all with any of the 2 gig ram sticks in place
  16. So if you install a single 2 GB module, it won't boot at all? If so, then they either are defective, incompatible or your RAM settings are not on Auto. Reset all memory settings to Auto or reset the CMOS.
  17. ok will try it
  18. nope looks like it was the same issue. i checked corsairs site and it is completely supported.
    i will send it to corsair for repairs cuz of the life time warranty
  19. You should also contact them to make sure that they are compatible with your motherboard.
  20. they are compatible with the motherboard. but its been acouple of days now since ive contacted them maybe i should phone them
  21. Hello,

    Have you got any solution? I'm with the same problem here. Thanks! :heink:
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