Need Help. Memory Error already RMA'ed Mobo and difference ram

Ok so I just replaced my mobo, CPU, memory and am having issues. They system bombs out after not long gaming and won't last 1 minute during the OCCT test. My specs are below, but it works fine if I keep 1066MHZ on the memory but when i load the XMP profile or manually enter it, or enter 1.65V on the memory it bluescreens on me. I have RMA'ed the Motherboard already and everything is at default in the BIOS exept the RAM. Before I RMA'ed I borrowed 3 sticks of my Buddy's Dominator 1866 memory and tried that. With XMP on or manually entered it does the same thing. However at a lower speed it was fine. My only other thoughts are the CPU, since the memory controller is on that, could that be the cause? OR I did not reinstall Vista when I replaced the hardware. Should I reinstall? I never had an issue with doing this in the past once all the drivers we installed. It seems odd that at 1066 Vista is fine and no issues. Please Help.

Intel i7 920
G.Skill DDR3 1600 2GBx3 8-8-8-21 Pi Series
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  1. So did you re-install vista after you switched out all your parts? cause you basic have a new computer now lol. You NEED to reinstall vista if you have not. i'm surprised if booted. changing out a motherboard is a big deal to the os. Memory and CPU not so much.

    As for the memory. you're trying to OC it? memory can be a pain to OC. I'd keep the memory at its default clock which is prob the 1066mhz. i've never been able to get my memory to OC without problems
  2. I think it is the memory controller on the CPU. I have not issue with the memory on my buddies computer and he just built an i7 for a friend with the same mobo as me. He has no issues setting it to 1600 and just letting it go. I could get it stable, but i had to crank voltages. If I underclocked the CPU, lower the multiplier, I could get it to run 1600 with the XMP profile. It just points to the CPU.
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