Need help installing SSD as boot drive

I'm in over my head! I have put together 3 computers over the last six years, but have never had any experience with an SSD. I've put together RAID 0 setups. But this is new. And different.

Here is what I purchased today (my dream computer!):

I have between now and about Wednesday (delivery day) to make sure I can install drive. I've read a few guides, but the steps leave a lot of room for error. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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  1. Windows and Programs you want to run fast go on the SSD. I waited on a larger on to come down in price. So far all my games and Office fit nicely with 36.1GB of 111GB ( formatted) free. All my music ( 67GB) and pictures( 6GB) are on my backup HDDs 2 x WD 640 Blacks. I wanted a bigger SSD so as not to have to worry about pagefile and indexing. There are some great tools ( at least for OCZ ) out there to help you set up the new drive.
  2. Why did you get the H50 instead of the H70?
    returen the H50 as you can pick up an H70 for the same price as the H50
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