Sony dru 870s driver wont read any cd

Hi Im Julius from the Philippines.

I have a sony cd-rw 870s. Recently I encounter a problem with this product, it cant read any cd or dvd. pls do help me on os is windows 7 32 bit
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  1. It is a Sony CD RW - this one read/writes only on CD not DVD. I think this will connect only on an IDE cable (flat cable). The IDE cable can connect two drives (hard disk or CD/DVD) so one drive should be MASTER and the other SLAVE. Please check the CD manual and set the drive accordingly. If the drive (sony) is connected with hard disk - The hard disk can be MASTER and the CD drive sony SLAVE or the other way around. Then go to your BIOS if both were detected if not then check the setting or the way you insert the cable.
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