Built new Rig - When booting up, my Montior wont receive a signal.

I built my first PC today and encountered an issue with my Display. When booting up my rig, my monitor wont display a signal to enter the BIOS so that I can configure it and then install Vista 64 bit. Does anyone have a suggestion or know what I did wrong? I use a GTX 260 with EVGA x58 mobo and i7 chip. Corsair 750w psu
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  1. Do your fans spin?

    What kind of ram are you using?
  2. Try to switch the cable from one output to the other on the back of the card.
    On my 8800gtx it seems to make a difference.
    If in the output near the top of the card it will show.
    If in the other nothing shows until windows starts.

    I dont know if its driver related or not since you dont have a driver yet but its worth a try.
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