Want to install 120mm fan in optical drive slots, iso opinions.

So in my case I've got one dvd burner.

I have three optical drive slots open. Right now it's just a gaping hole for air conditioned air to blow in.

The hole is 6x5 1/4 inches which is more than enough room to fit a 120mm fan. I have a spare lying around and it would just compliment the case even more.

Anyways, the idea is to buy a black plastic sheet of a fair thickness, maybe a quarter inch? (If anyone knows a good place to buy let me know)

Then cut out a hole big enough for the fan to make max airflow off of, then drill holes for the screws, then cover it with a mesh grill.

So basically I'm looking for a place to perhaps look for the materials and opinions on my idea.

Thanks all in advance,
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  1. any local glass shop should sell pieces of plexi cut to rough size, then you can sand to fit. If they don't have black just spray paint the side that will be in the case, it'll look a lot better than spaying the outside. Plexi comes with paper stuck to both sides DO NOT take the paper off until you are actually installing it for the final time.
  2. I buy plexiglas at local hobby shops. Sometimes hardware stores also have plexiglas. If you have a variable speed jig saw you can buy a special blade for cutting plexiglas. I bought one at Ace Hardware for $3.00 or $4.00. Cut slowly and use low speed or else you will wind up with "melted" plexiglas.
  3. you can also use a dremel, but again with the melted plexi. smells horrible too.

    EDIT: Careful when drilling, plexi will crack/shatter. Found that out the hard way on my side panel window.
  4. Just FYI you could also just buy a Scythe Kama Bay.
  5. Thanks all for the ideas.

    Im not really looking to spend 24 bucks on something I think I could do myself for under 10. Although thank you yoda :)
  6. Zip ties work to secure a fan. Also, velcro can be used.
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