Don't know which GPU to use for new pc build soon.

gonna be building a new pc within the next month or so and not sure which way to go for GPU. i want a nvidia card but not sure if i should go SLI or not. my monitor is a 20" samsung w/ 1600x900 max resolution. was looking around the net and seen some people say that SLI is only useful for 1920x1200 or higher resolution. was talking to someone i know and was told to get 2x 9800gtx+ (not sure if i read other posts wrong but think it said 9800 gtx+ only runs in SLI w/ 3 way?). will mainly be used for gaming. would like to be able to run newer games on max/highest settings @ my max resolution if possible. heres setup i was looking to get or something close to it. it will be my 1st build so not sure if theres stuff better for same price or not. was looking between evga and xfx for gpu and motherboard, just not sure which brand is best. eventually i'll upgrade to a 24"+ widescreen monitor. was looking to get from tigerdirect/ is near me).

NZXT Zero 2 Craft Series Full Tower Case - Steel Chassis, Quad 120mm Fans, Dual 120mm Exhaust, Top Mounted USB, Audio, eSATA

EVGA nForce 780i SLI Motherboard CPU Bundle - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Processor 2.66GHz OEM

EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX + Video Card - 512MB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, SLI Ready, (Dual Link) Dual DVI, HDTV, VGA Support

OCZ SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2 x 2048MB)

Western Digital Caviar GreenPower 500GB Hard Drive - 7200, 16MB, SATA-300, OEM

Kingwin Mach 1 Modular Power Supply - 800-Watt, ATX, SLI-Ready, Quad 12V Rails


EVGA 790i Ultra SLI Barebone Kit - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 OEM, 4GB OCZ Fatal1ty DDR3-1333, 1TB SATA2, Clear Side ATX Case, 550 Watts
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  1. The 1st build is fine. The 780i is a great SLi mobo - you really don't need a 790i.

    And 2x9800GTX+ runs great. I was using them to play Crysis @ 1280x1024 at Ultra high GFX settings. Yes, you'll see the greater benefits of SLi at 1680x1050 or higher, but SLi helps a lot on lower resolutions as well.
  2. would it be better to go with EVGA over XFX on 9800gtx+ gpu and 780i motherboard?
  3. also would a 700w kingwin mach 1 psu run 2x 9800gtx+? or should i stick with the 800w version? or is there another PSU brand that has the connectors to support 2x 9800gtx+? as far as i know each card requires 2x 6 pin power connectors? is that correct? so would need a psu with 4 6/8 pin connectors?
  4. EVGA and XFX are both great companies. XFX has better warranties on GPUs, and evga has a stepup program that is good for 90days.

    For mobo, go with either.

    Where are you buying it from?
  5. ^ What is the number of amps on the 12v rail for that PSU?

    If your PSU is decent, it should be easily able to run two 9800GTX+ in SLi.
  6. heres link for the PSU. i'll be getting everything from
  7. according to the site the evga 9800gtx+ has a lifetime warranty. evga brand costs about 20-30$ more then the XFX brand. same with the motherboard combo, evga costs a little more. but if xfx is just as good as evga then would it be better just to go xfx and save a little money? don't think i'll use the stepup program.
  8. That PSU will be more than enough.

    You can probably even go Tri SLi with 3 9800GTXs with that PSU.
    (Cost of around $390-$450)

    or you can also consider 2xGTX260s ($320-$400) or 2xGTX275s ($500-$550)


    2x9800GTXs ($260-$300)
  9. XFX has the double lifetime warranty, so if you resell the card, the other person will also have the warranty.

    If XFX is cheaper, just go with XFX if you won't use the step up program.

    Btw where are you buying your parts from?
  10. just looking to go Dual SLI atm and be able to play the newer games at maxed settings/resolution. my computer right now is way outdated and only runs elder scrolls 4 oblivion on low/very low @ 800x600 and is still kinda choppy/laggy. as for new games it will mostly be Fallout 3 and FPS games that have an offline mode, and some other games that are offline only. can't play broadband games online atm because of only having option to use dialup where we live until we move again.
  11. i'll be buying the parts from their stores are near me as well. don't have the extra money to go with 2x gtx275 or higher atm.and for cpu would the core 2 quad 2.66ghz be better then core 2 duo 3.0ghz for gaming?
  12. COMPUSA is overpriced. Their 780i + CPU bundle is $369.99 before rebate + S&H costs.

    Newegg is the best and cheapest place for new computer parts.

    Amazon and ebay are the best place for used computer parts.

    I've used all 3 and have never had a problem. I've saved plenty of $$$ by getting used GPUs and CPUs off of Amazon and ebay, and got my case and power supply from newegg.

    ie. Amazon E8400 CPU + 780i mobo bundle for $319

    or Newegg 780i new for $200, $160 after rebate

    and Newegg E8400 new for $168
  13. so newegg would be better than tigerdirect? (compusa is based off of tigerdirect)
  14. Newegg is generally better than tigerdirect. (lower prices)

    And if you want to save even more money, look into used components from amazon as well.

    *Btw, I generally look for the products without rebate. Most of the time, rebate companies try to screw you over and use any reason to deny you your rebate.
  15. Well first off...don't get the 9800GTX+...get the GTS 250 instead...they are one and the same and the GTS 250 is a 55nm part and hence will dissipate less heat and will be more efficient than the GTX+...
    1GB version...

    And I heard that the nvidia chipsets are flaky...but as the other poster has the same chipset, you could ask him more info about the mobo...
    And dont go with Q6700...they are old 65nm parts...get the Q9400 or other ...they would be better and are 45nm parts, hence more efficient...

    A suggestion though...
    I would drop the PSU to this and put the money saved towards a more powerful graphics card...

    PSU - Non modular but is one of the best...

    Graphics card...
  16. for the setup i had posted it was around 1050$ including tax+shipping from compusa.
    and when i was looking on newegg i dont know if i was searching wrong or not but couldnt find a decent/cheap full tower case so that i'd have enough room so case isnt crowded. the 1 i had posted was 90$ from compusa and had 4 120mm side panel fans, 2 120mm rear exaust fans, 1 80mm top, 1 80mm bottom fans and 1 120mm front i think. i wont be running liquid cooling atm so would need pc to be cooled w/ just fans because of no extra money and no idea how to set it up yet.

    for cpu would core 2 duo or core 2 quad be better?
  17. I have the 780i, it's problems whatsoever. BIOS, mobo options, etc are great.

    If you're going to game, just get a E8400 Core2Duo.

    There's no reason to get a more expensive quad unless you plan to game + run adware scans in the background or do some CPU intensive work. (and you'll need to OC your quad to the levels of the duos as well if you want the same gaming performance, which can be a hassle)

    Many games today still only use single cores, and most games that use multiple cores only use 2'll be a while before games are coded for 4 cores.

    So save that CPU money and use it to get a better GPU instead.

    Anyways, use Newegg and the amazon links I provided...they are cheaper than Tigerdirect the vast majority of the time.
  18. ok, as for the rebates i wasnt really paying attention to them on the price. as for the motherboard i'd like to stick with xfx/evga w/ 3 way SLI pci-e 2.0 x16 incase i ever end up going 3 way sli. don't see any boards on newegg with 3x 2.0 pcie 16x slots, all got 2x 2.0 slots and 1x 1.0 16x, trying to choose a GPU seems hard...
  19. Hmm...its nice to see someone using a 780i chipset without issues...

    But for the OP I would certainly advice you to check out the web for more info about the products your are may not be as lucky as BSOD with the 780i mobo...

    And I would suggest you do more research before you buy your parts...You mite get better deals...
  20. yeah i'm looking at newegg now instead of compusa. i've read around a bit and do only nvidia boards support SLI? thought thats what i read. not sure what other motherboards would be great. read alot of reviews and the 780i seems to be ok?
  21. aspec said:
    ok, as for the rebates i wasnt really paying attention to them on the price. as for the motherboard i'd like to stick with xfx/evga w/ 3 way SLI pci-e 2.0 x16 incase i ever end up going 3 way sli. don't see any boards on newegg with 3x 2.0 pcie 16x slots, all got 2x 2.0 slots and 1x 1.0 16x, trying to choose a GPU seems hard...

    And you dont need 3 pcie slots...2 is more than suffice...
    Even if you are planning for future tri-sli, you wont be able to get good performance from 3 cards as they dont scale well at all on a 700 series mobo...Only the X58 chipsets are known to take full advantage of the triple-sli...
    I would suggest you are better off buying a mobo with 2 pcie slots, a more powerful graphics card rather than a costly 3 pcie slot and a comparatively slower graphics card...
  22. Well we could suggest some best value components for your budget too...
    Could you give your max budget, components that is required and what is not necessary sure we could come up with a overall better config...
  23. only thing i'm not sure on getting is 2-3x 9800 gtx+ or a single gtx280 1gb? seem to be stuck with 1 person saying 2x 9800 gtx+ SLI'd and another saying single gtx2xx series. someone i know said single gtx280 runs fallout3 maxed out @ 1920x1200? if i have the extra money i could probably go a little higher on GPU. looking up the parts and prices now on newegg.
  24. budget would be around 1000~1200$
  25. ok, just seen post of only needing 2x 2.0 16x pci-e slots. which brand/motherboard would you recommend? still pretty new at building a complete pc.
  26. Well a 1200$ could get you an i7...wanna try...
  27. was browsing other posts and seems that i7 isnt really used/required right now for much stuff? rather get a good/cheaper cpu (core 2 duo/quad) and better gpu's. all pc will be used for is gaming, and of course youtube/watching dvd's/listening to music.
  28. could save a lot then...But the i7 is more of future proof and is well within your budget...
    Check this out...

    CPU+ Mobo




    CASE -
    You wont require a full tower case...This case has excellent air flow, would fit GTX 285

    Graphics card - Powerful than the 9800GTX+/ GTS250

    Total - $1080 without rebates and many items have free shipping...
    The PSU can handle even a GTX 285 SLI...

    Well if you want a full tower

    More powerful card...

    Total - $1180...
  29. what would be a good motherboard to use with the E8400 core 2 duo CPU that i could use 2x 9800gtx+ or gtx280 SLI on?
  30. sorry, didn't know you replied.
  31. Well you can check out the above sure it will last for atleast 3+ years easy with few upgrades...
  32. yea rather stick with core 2 duo and get a better video card. since core 2 duo would save around 150-200$ i think? and i'll only have 32bit OS. just don't know if i should go xp home/pro or a vista version?
  33. aspec said:
    what would be a good motherboard to use with the E8400 core 2 duo CPU that i could use 2x 9800gtx+ or gtx280 SLI on?

    Well there are no many good motherboards that support SLI for the core2 chips...There are many crossfire boards though which are very good if you are willing to get ATI cards...
    I would personally suggest you get a crossfire board with ATI cards or a single powerful nvidia card if you are going with core2 as SLI boards for the core2 are known to have some issues...but there are few exceptions though but you cant rely that you mite be one though... :sweat:
    If you want to SLI, then the best option is i7 X58 motherboards... :)
  34. aspec said:
    yea rather stick with core 2 duo and get a better video card. since core 2 duo would save around 150-200$ i think? and i'll only have 32bit OS. just don't know if i should go xp home/pro or a vista version?

    Yeah...even that is a good idea...But as I said you wont find very good SLI boards for the core2...So get a single powerful card...But if you are willing to get ATI cards, which at the moment are performing very well, then you have the option of crossfire later as there are many good crossfire boards...

    And at what resolution are you planning to play??
  35. my monitor right now is only 20" samsung w/ max resolution of 1600x900. you think a GTX280 or GTX285 would run games maxed out?
  36. Ohh...yes a single GTX 285 is suffice...actually is an overkill though...but still will last you very long...

    So go ahead get this ...
    CPU + OS combo...
    E8500 - Very good and fast Core2
    Yes you would need 64 bit OS to take advantage of the full 4GB RAM...Adn Vista Home premium is the most suitable one...

    Mobo...One of the best rated core2 mobo

    RAM -
    High quality with low timings...

    GPU - Has 2 latest free games...
  37. Rest of the parts like the HDD, case, you can see my above post...
    But as you will not be able to SLI on that mobo, drop that PSU and get this...Its plenty and is very high quality...
  38. ok, thanks for all the help.
  39. :) Welcome...
  40. aspec said:
    ok, thanks for all the help.

    Don't try to future proof your system by getting an i7...Intel will come out with the 1066 mobo soon, and they come out with new chips every 1-2 getting the expensive i7 won't be future proofing for long.

    For gaming, go for the E8400. The E8500 is only .16 GHz better, which is negligible.

    And two 9800GTXs in SLi would dominate a single GTX280/285, while being cheaper as well.

    That'll last you until at least the DX11 cards come out

    Anyways, this is what I suggest, most inexpensive & best configuration I could find so you have enough $$$ for future upgrades.

    e8400 CPU +780i mobo combo for $320

    CPU Fan: Buy a separate one or go with the stock fan that comes with the combo




    GPU: 2x9800GTX+ in SLi, GTX260, or GTX275

  41. this is what i was looking at, i think link should work for wishlist.

    and maybe switch antec 900 for this case if its better, idk.
  42. was also looking at switching the corsair psu with this kingwin modular 700w psu to save some room in the case and its same price as the corsair.doesnt have any bad reviews. 2x 6pin 2x 6+2pin pci-e connectors. the 6+2pin works same as a 20+4 power connector? i could just use 6 of the 8 pins for the 2x 9800gtx+? since each requires 2x 6pins. or thats what it looked like in other pics ive seen of the 9800gtx+
  43. the 2 9800gtx+ i have picked out are SC.. should i go with non-oc'd? don't really know anything about oc'ing
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