Which GTX 460 to get?

I found two EVGA GTX 460's on newegg and the only difference seems to be a little higher clock speed on one of them. Is it really worth the price to get another 40mhz at stock or just get the cheaper one and OC it, from what I've heard they both overclock to around 850mhz anyways.


thank you
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  1. Personally I would never buy a pre-overclocked card unless there was something special about it such as better cooling or options to change it's voltage. Between them two I would say get the cheaper card and overclock it yourself.
  2. If you add them both to cart you'll see there's only 9 dollar difference between the two. For nine dollars more grab the superclocked version
  3. But you can overclock them both to the same speeds, so why pay more? Save yourself $9..
  4. I am with ACER0169! Buy a reference board and OC yourself. Shoot for the Superclock settings...

    If you are bored and want a little light reading on a 460 comparison => http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-460-roundup-gf104,2714.html
  5. Because it's only nine dollars, and a factory OC is always going to be more stable unless you actually upload a new bios. That means you'll need to have a program running to keep your card overclocked. I usually don't tell people to buy OCed versions of anything, but the difference in price in this case is so small, to me it's a no brainer.
  6. 10 $ and you are asking !, get the super oc version..
  7. Factory OC is not always going to be more stable.. I've seen plenty with overheating issues and even artifacts right out the box. I'd still go with the cheaper option and OC myself, that $9 could go towards better cooling or an ice cream or something.
  8. ^ If that's true then why do people go through the trouble of flashing their cards with OC bios?
  9. The fact is for 9 or ten dollars(what ever it was), your getting a faster card direct from the factory, with a guaranteed overclock and a warranty. Usually the difference between the SC and reference cards is more like 20 or 30 dollars. Also the SC version will have a higher resale value if and when he wants to upgrade.
  10. Exactly- ^ Go for the soc version -
  11. Okay so yeah, for $9 you don't really need an argument about it - just do whatever you're happy with. I just know personally, I'd prefer save all the money I can because $9 on each component in your computer could be $80-200 depending on what you're building..
  12. FTW Edition!!! anything else is a complete waste.So please for the love of god get the FTW Edition!!!
  13. ^^^ let me guess.. you have one? ¬_¬
  14. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Neither. Get a 470 or 480. :)

    That's not what he asked for. If someone asked how to overclock on air cooling.. the worst answer is "get water cooling".
  15. I have the 1371. I have added 10% to 792/1584 and not added one degree of heat, under idle or maxed.
  16. Quote:
    dream on. Ftw you'll be lucky to 900.
    Superior cooling
    Volt mods
    Can be overclocked to 1ghz stable thanks to its superior cooling. The only 460 to beat a 5770 Crossfire setup.


  17. with the amount that people spend on computers another 9 bucks is nothing, u should get the SC version even if its just for the w**k factor and the 40Mhz

    and the cards have a tendency to be unstable when over clocked past what they were ment for.
    the voltage can't be changed much past 1volt, they ant goen to give u some thing for nathing, but a good card
  18. I'm not a perfect expert, but I know that the GCard with the best value for money thus far in the GTX460 series is the MSI GTX460 Cyclone. It comes with great cooling, and it comes with a tiny factory OC (50MHz or something). It runs SUPER cool (like 32C at idle), and overclocking like a crazy guy like I did doesn't do much to change that. I overclocked mine (the 1GB GDDR5 version) to 895MHz, without pushing the cooler to 100%, and without raising the core voltage. I'd REALLY recommend this card, it performs wonders, and it runs really quiet when you keep it at factory settings. It starts to sound like a hurricane when you turn up the fan to 100% though...

    I used MSI Afterburner to OC. It works, is easy to use and gives you direct feedback on what is happening on your GPU, so you can safely play around. I picked up mine brand new for (believe it) $163, at www.nivo.co.za. This website is in South Africa, so I'm quite sure you should start looking into a store nearer to you :D
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