CPU Overheating all of a sudden. HELP!

Yeah, I need help. All of a sudden my CPU is overheating and I have no idea what the cause is. I have a S1 Aquagate heatsink http://www.overclockersonline.net/?p...icles&num=1231. The * in celsius has jumped from 29*idle to 50-53 * idle. Something is very wrong and I came here because I need help, I just ordered some Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease and remover and am going to re-apply it once it arrives. When I was playing Darkfall I was at about 72*+ celsius, and that was full load, I then turned off everything because a AMD 6400 x2 max temp is 63* Celsius. I am extremely mad and I need this fixed asap.

p.s. I'm using a 8800gts 320mb, not my gtx 260.

Another thing to note is that I see the water flowing through both tubes and the water in the tubes feel about the same temperature. Maybe the radiator is broken?
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  1. Your link is broken. In any case, aside from the radiator, it's also possible that your water pump isn't working, meaning the water isn't moving throughout your system and circulate the heat away from your components.
  2. I can in-fact see the water moving but sometimes it slows down and than speeds up again.
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