Hyper 212+ worth it in this retrofit?

Hiyo, I've done a retrofit on a computer to make it gaming capable, but unfortunately originally it was meant for basic usage! Basically I just threw in a GPU, thankfully the parts I bought have some breathing room for upgrades!

CPU: Athlon x2 245, OC to 3.35ghz 24/7 on stock HSF.
Mobo: Asus M4A88t-M/USB3 Matx
Ram: 2x2gb DDR3-1333 OCZ gold
PSU: EA-380 green, 80 plus bronze, 17a/15a on 12v
Case/fans: CM 341 Matx. Two 120mm 44CFM fans, front intake yate loon, rear exhaust cooler master. Two 120mm fans mountable on side.
GPU: Evga GTS450

I love Source games, Civ5, and starcraft 2 more then anything, and all of these love eating up my CPU! Do you think it would be worth it to buy a Hyper 212+ for $23, and overclock some more given my current system + games?

Edit: Forgive me if this post should go in systems, I'm taking a guess here.
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    It can never hurt to help cool your CPU. Heat is their enemy.
    So, yes I think it would be worth it. Plus, that heatsink can be used on any AM2, AM2+ and AM3 CPU in the future. If the fan goes bad, it can be easily replaced.
  2. I would say to pick it up also. With better cooling you may be able to get to an OC of 3.5GHz / 3.6 GHz. Also, you have a good AM3 board which can accept a processor upgrade down the road when you are ready. The Hyper 212+ will do you well now AND with that future processor (overclocked or not).
  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Just looking to see if I was doing anything too odd. Most of the reason I was thinking of buying one was because it could be easily reused actually.
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  5. Bumping this up to share my results, I got my OC to 3.77ghz on my first try and it's survived stress testing for three hours so far. I'm so happy you guys T_T. Thank you, I'm so proud of my hyper 212+, although it unexpectedly blocks BOTH my side vents (wanted the bottom intake for the GPU, bah!).

    The CPU? 27 degrees celcius while running orthos @ 1.5v. That's... a lot lower then I expected O_o. I am impressed by this gigantic cooler of awesome, I bought two fans in addition so I have six (1 intake, 3 exhaust (PSU, GPU, Case), 2 CPU which probably helps :).
  6. the hyper 212 plus imo is one of the best cpu heatsinks u could get. its cheap,reliable and works great!
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