Nvidia ion platform & netbooks!

There has been talk about the nvidia ion platform and how nvidia would integrate them with netbooks; thus enabling HD playback and other delicious features netbooks could never accomplish with 'default' intel integrated graphics.
I've been reading about them and I have found nothing about when or how they will released (June?). When would they start selling netbooks with this brand new GPU?

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  1. The ion lenovo's are due out soon i know...
  2. yeah i heard about the lenovos but i read that the ion netbooks price will be around $50 dollars more than the average netbooks today. i hope lenovos will keep pledge to that

    also lenovos arent rated as the "best" netbooks out there (maybe im wrong), well since I am desperate for one, i might just buy it whenever it hits the market ;~;
  3. Thats odd so far from the products iv got a hold of lenovo wise they have been made pretty well :)

    Of course that is excluding the netbook :whistle: i had an msi wind instead :D OSX's super fun :kaola:
  4. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-atom-cpu-nvidia-ion,7043.html

    silly me i just read this article.

    i cant help to think that intel would be that kind of company :cry:
    i really do hope that the ion goes through, granted though lenovo is proving that it will...
    i'm just getting really antsy in my pantsy :p (the 2nd quarter of 2009 is now isnt it?)
  5. Netbooks are gettig out of hand, I can't wait till they start using ARM chips and andriod on netbooks.
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